The roads do not necessarily have to take it nice expensive camera.
Simply adjust your travel needs.

Nikon S1200pj projector which has facilities
Nikon S1200pj projector which has facilities (source: technotalks)

Losses do not we walk without mengabadikannya trip? No wonder if the camera is now a tool as important as clothes, shoes, or other supplies when traveling. Unfortunately, not all of us understand the types of cameras are perfect for a walk. Because the cameras are suitable for the type we carry, depending on the type of our tour.

Here are a number of camera options at a price below Rp 5 million that are suitable for some types of roads purposes.

1. For the purposes of the mega zoom with mini size
Canon PowerShot ELPH 510 HS is suitable and practical because of its relatively compact. If you want to get a detailed picture for a large landscape, you can use the Canon 28 mm wide-angle lens with optical zoom of 12 times. Equipped with 3.2 inch touch screen makes the